Welcome to ChSS!

Are you a sailor or have always dreamed of being one? – You have come to the right place!
ChSS consists of a great bunch of sea salt Chalmers people that enjoys every aspect of the Gothenburg archipelago together.
All students of Chalmers University of Technology are welcome regardless of previous experience and knowledge about sailing or boats. But if this does not apply to you – don’t worry! Contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

  • National Student Championship in sailing!

    Chalmers Sailing society will on the 25th of September host a sailing contest for students from universities all around Sweden. The competition will tak place in Långedrag hosted by our friends at GKSS and their RS Quest boats. Follow the Facebook event below for updates! LINK

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  • Join the society!

    By joining our society you gain access to our boats in the beautiful Gothenburg archipelago as well membership in our sailing community. Read more about out membership offers here – Membership Apply here – Forms

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