Our Boats

The society currently has two boats, a Albin Express and a H-boat, which will be presented below. But through our members, and in contact with other sailing societies, many opportunities to participate in other events usually arise, involving sailing everything between dinghys and ships!


Adam Fredriksson 2011
Photo: Adam Fredriksson (2011)

Vitesse, the Albin Express, is the oldest of our boats and has been in the society since the beginning of the ’80s. This boat type is slightly below 8 meters long and quite easy as well as pleasant to sail, which makes it one of the most popular and common boat types in Swedish regattas. The Express also has a spacious cabin for its size and can accommodate up to 4 persons – perfect for over-night stays and longer sailing trips!


Photo: Bengt Ramne (2020)

Our H-boat, Holga, was bought in the fall of 2019 making it our newest boat, both to us and in absolute terms. The h-boat is a classic finnish design, popular allover Scandinavia. Low and sleek, she offers a more involved sailing experience than our Express. This narrow design also makes the cockpit smaller than similarly sized boats, suitable for 2-4 crew. Suitable enough the cabin gets rely cozy when all 4 choose to stay overnight.

The H-boat is a great sailing-boat, forgiving to learn on but fun enough to keep the sailing interesting. This also makes her great for regattas (which we use her for regularly).