Our offer

We offer three types of memberships – full, basic or support – depending on the level of attendance you want to have. Full members pay a higher yearly fee but can take part in our society sailings free of charge, while a basic member pays a lower yearly fee but pay a sailing fee for each sailing to compensate for wear and tear, although this is only an option for students. The current fees are stated below, where the lower amount apply to students,  i.e. members of a Student Union (excluding PhD students). A basic membership can be upgraded to a full at any time.

Support membership is aimed at Chalmers alumni that don’t intend to be a full member but still want to support the society. Support members are entitled to sail their private yacht under CHSS flag (a sailing club membership is a requirement for most yacht races) and can attend all CHSS events apart from the society sailings, which are reserved for students and full members.

Full membership               600 / 1200     SEK / year
Basic membership            300                 SEK / year
Support membership.      300                 SEK / year
Sailing fee                            50                  SEK / sailing        [Free with enough boat points*]

* You can read more about this below.

Non-members can participate in society sailings for a fee of 100 SEK / sailing  – if there is room left on the boat.

What we offer to our members

A basic member of our society will only have access to sail during society sailings, which are held at least once a week during our sailing season, or sail together with a certified skipper. As a full member, you will of course also have access to the society sailings, as well as the opportunity to borrow our boats for daily, weekend or week long excursions. All members also get access to our online shop where you can buy ChSS branded merchandise. 

To be able to borrow the boats by yourself you must first become a society certified skipper, hold a Swedish Inshore Diploma (or equivalent) and have a sufficient amount of working hours for the society, known as boat points.  The skipper certification consists of a sail-up with our boat chiefs to test your knowledge about the boats as well as sailing in general. In order to promote this the society strives to have organized schools for beginners as well as potential skippers at least once a year.

Boat points

All members also has the opportunity to gather boat points by helping the society out with boat fixing, events that generate income to the society, etc. They are gathered and kept over the course of a year, the breaking point being the 1st of July. Boat points can be used in the following way;

5     boat points  =  1 free society sailing for a basic member

20  boat points  =  All society sailings becomes free for a basic member.
A full member is allowed to borrow the boat for daily sailings.

40  boat points  =  A full member can book the boat for over night stays.*

* Other rules also apply, but this is the point limit.